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Dr. Darrien Jamar

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Dr. Darrien Jamar is a D.C. based Life Coach and Doctor of Chiropractics.

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Explain what your typical work week looks like.

My alarm goes off at 6:20AM, which means I automatically hit snooze—seizing an extra 10 minutes of sleep.  Without staring at my phone for notifications, I mindfully make my bed, meditate, pray, and release my affirmations.  Now, I’m empowered to pursue the day.  

Coaching sessions.  Coffee shop meet-ups.  Course work and reading for my Masters in Positive Psychology.  All before I head into the office to see Chiropractic clients.  I will usually end my day with a run (I love a good hill workout), yoga (Yoga District on H Street), or a solo bodyweight workout (in a park most times).  Slowing myself down by reading a good book and journaling.  Then its another round of meditation, affirmations, and prayer.   

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How do you spend your day off and give yourself a mental break?

I have to be quite intentional about just “being.”  So—on these days I give myself permission to be mindless.  Practicing “presentfulness” (presence + mindfulness) consumes a lot of energy, I find mindlessness is the perfect remedy for relaxation.  Maybe I’ll mindlessly watch a movie on Netflix.  I just finished Batman and am now watching Bobby Kennedy for President (not my norm, but it’s really good). I love to stack these days with getting my nails and hair done.  Maybe out with friends for a cocktail!  

What are your thoughts on routines and rituals, are they a part of how you maintain a work-life balance?

Love this question.  Rituals are life.   It’s often a recommendation I give to a coaching client.  Why?  Because they have the power to bring you back home.  We live in the unknown—blind to what will happen from moment to moment.  Some moments can be quite aggressive, taking your breath away.  When you have a routine that helps you reconnect, ground, and release—you stay connected to YOU.  You keep in rhythm with your present intentions.  Maybe you’re knocked off track momentarily (that’s life), but a ritual will pick you back up.  That’s why I meditate, pray, and state my affirmations before I begin my day and before it ends.  It’s my way of returning.  Rituals are practice approaches for health and wholeness. 

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Is there anything you consider changing to simplify your life?

Mmmm.  Another good one! As I approach my 27th birthday, I find myself asking this very question.  Two things.  First, I am learning to acknowledge my efforts, the energy I’m releasing into the Universe—it’s not just about results.  I’m learning to find joy through the process of evolving, of building.  This is all quite challenging and new, but I’m going for it.  Secondly, I’m keeping a close eye on my relationship with time.  We are immersed in a culture of doers and list crossers (especially here in D.C.).  I’m learning to look at my day as having the exact amount of what I need.  When I lay my head down at night, I’m learning to say, “Well done. Today is finished.”  Changing my relationship with time is slowing me down, reducing anxiety, boosting my immune system, and keeping me present.  

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What does your ideal ‘Sunday’ look like?

If I were a day, it would be Sunday. Definitely.  Sunday:  the first day of the week, a tone setter, a rhythm maker.  I typically fast on Sunday’s—intentionally, as a way to release and/or receive spiritually.  I’m connected in a different way on Sundays, monitoring what’s coming up within my spirit and the attention that it demands.  After about 22 hours of fasting, I’m lighter mentally and emotionally.  Liberated in many ways.

Sunday is the perfect day for coffee shop exploring.  Shopkeepers is always a great vibe—my go to, my home base.  An espresso is my typical order.  I make a few phone calls to reconnect with family and friends, drop by Trader Joe’s, and begin winding down by 7PM.  Intentionally, slowing myself down to move into Monday with peace and expectation.  


-Darrien Jamar, D.C